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Who Are We?

Trevor has been building tennis courts for over 50 years.

In the mid 1960s Trevor was a member of Sedgman’s squad and played full-time professional tennis for Slazengers. Trevor worked as a cadet overseer with the Main Roads Department, then secured a job as foreman in charge of building the runways and warm-up pits for the F-111 aircraft. He gained extensive experience in earthmoving, concreting and bitumen work during this period.


His father, Fred Buchanan, built tennis courts from 1939 onwards and the father and son team worked together in the mid 1970s. Because of their interest in tennis, they have always been experimenting with different types of surfaces. The best value surface has always been a bitumen-based court. The problem with the early courts was that they were designed using material which would normally be used for roadways.


Over the last 30 years Trevor has developed a rubberised bitumen surface which is soft on the joints and plays the way the original clay courts played, the courts like Roland Garros.


One of the advantages Trevor has over competitors is that he understands what is important in the game of tennis and can position the court to meet your needs.


He has had over 50 years’ experience building tennis courts and is the longest running tennis court builder in Queensland. Considering his family history in tennis court building, he has the background to build you the best value court, dollar for dollar.


If the prices are deuce in tennis court construction, then it is a grand slam to Trevor Buchanan in tennis court construction because of his many years of experience.


We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to serve you for your Tennis Court Construction needs.

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