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The important part of building a tennis court is in the earthworks and positioning of the court. The only way to do this efficiently is if you have lazer-guided machinery and men operating the equipment who have a knowledge of tennis. This is regarding the positioning of the court and earthmoving so that they can instantly assess the quality of the material and how to compact properly so the tennis court drains well.


All of Tennis Court Constructions of Queensland’s team have had a lifetime of experience in operating and assessing sites for tennis courts. Unless your tennis court builder owns and operates all machinery, you are putting the build of the tennis court in the hands of whoever they have assigned to do the earthworks. If this goes wrong, it may cost a lot of money to rectify. It is important to ensure that the person applying the surface to the court is a qualified Waterproofer with the QBCC which gives you protection. It is not enough just to have a licence from a service provider.

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Bitumen Based Courts

Over the last 30 years Tennis Court Construction of Queensland has developed a rubberised bitumen surface which is soft on the joints and plays the way the original clay courts played.

The rubberised bitumen court with classic clay plays similarly to a clay court. The court Tennis Court Constructions of Queensland builds is as close as you can get to real clay in an all-weather, minimal maintenance court. It is like having the centre court at the French Open in your backyard. The look and feel are the same as clay.

As shown in the attached article (“A Bright Future” by Dr Machar Redi, Australian Tennis Magazine, June/July 2016, page 54), since 1980, 100 per cent of female junior players and 98 per cent of male junior players who have won the French Open Junior have become top 100 players in the open ranks.  In the US, all junior tennis is played on artificial clay and the results reflect this.


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Synthetic Grass Courts

Synthetic Grass is a soft surface providing some advantages over harder surfaces like bitumen and concrete.

Synthetic Grass provides tennis court installations and delivers superb playing characteristics giving an even bounce and brilliant response to slice and spin shots as well as a perfect combination of grip and foot slide. From backyard tennis courts to commercial courts, Tennis Court Constructions of Queensland recommends and installs Tiger Turf Tournament 1000. Tennis Court Constructions of Queensland has found this to be the best playing and longest lasting surface.

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Concrete Courts

In addition to our bitumen-based and synthetic grass courts, we also construct concrete courts.

We have built many concrete courts in Queensland schools and recreation centres. Concrete courts are extremely environmentally friendly and require comparatively less maintenance than real grass courts.


Concrete tennis courts’ technology has changed dramatically whereby the numerous expansion joints are not necessary.


Installing a playing surface made of concrete can give you the home-court advantage, putting an end to the long waits for a vacant public court. But aside from convenience, a concrete tennis court offers plenty of other benefits, delivering enduring performance unmatched by its main opponent, asphalt.

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Synthetic Grass Courts

Tournament 1000 Tennis Synthetic Grass is used with all our Synthetic Grass Courts.  This is manufactured by Tiger Turf based out of New Zealand and has a manufacturer’s warranty of seven years.


Pile Height 19mm

Colour: Olive, White Lines

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