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Our Story

The founder and owner of Tennis Court Constructions of Queensland, Trevor Buchanan, has a lifelong passion for tennis. Growing up in Kingaroy in Queensland, he started playing with his older brother on the family tennis court as a small child.

In the mid-1960s, Trevor was a member of Australian former number-one tennis player Frank Sedgman’s tennis squad and played full-time professional tennis for Slazenger, a company that sponsored many up-and-coming players. He then worked as a cadet overseer with the Main Roads Department, securing a job as foreman building the runways and warm-up pits for the F-111 aircraft. He gained extensive experience in earthmoving, concreting and bitumen work during this period.

From the 1970s, he combined his passion for tennis with his building expertise working with his father, Fred Buchanan, building tennis courts and small to medium infrastructure.

Trevor’s love of tennis pushed him to experiment with different types of surfaces to ensure his clients the most enjoyable playing surface.
Over the last 30 years, Trevor has developed his bestselling flagship court, made with a rubberised bitumen surface that is soft on the joints and plays the way the original clay courts played, the courts like Roland Garros. We call it the Classic Clay Court.

As a tennis professional, Trevor understands the impact and importance of position and site on your game of tennis. He will position the court to meet your needs and enhance the flow of your whole property – home, garden and surrounds.

With over 50 years of experience building tennis courts and still playing four times a week with other seasoned professionals, he is Queensland’s longest-running tennis court builder.

So if you are considering the life-enhancing purchase of a tennis court and what it will do for your family’s well-being and the value of your property, give Trevor a call. He will advise you on the best court for your unique brief and requirements. Plus, he will have a hit with you and your guests on one of the courts at his Carseldine headquarters.

Our Courts

Classic Clay Courts

Using a rubberised bitumen surface that is soft on the joints and plays a lot like the old clasic clay courts.

Grass Courts

Synthetic Grass is a soft surface giving an even bounce and brilliant response to slice and spin shots.

Flexipave Courts

Flexipave is a popular acrylic-based tennis court surface that is known for its durability, flexibility and shock absorbing properties.

Trevor Buchanan

Trevor has been building tennis courts for over 50 years.

Trevor Buchanan is the founder and owner of Tennis Court Constructions of Queensland. He has been a lifelong lover of tennis, first as a talented player on the amateur circuit in his teens, then as an expert builder of courts and now still playing four times a week with a cohort of champion veterans. For over 50 years, he has used his expertise in construction and infrastructure work and his love of the game to bring first-class tennis courts and playing experiences to tennis lovers around Australia.

Our Builds

The important part of building a tennis court is in the earthworks and positioning of the court. The only way to do this efficiently is if you have lazer-guided machinery and men operating the equipment who have a knowledge of tennis. This is regarding the positioning of the court and earthmoving so that they can instantly assess the quality of the material and how to compact properly so the tennis court drains well.

All of Tennis Court Constructions of Queensland’s team have had a lifetime of experience in operating and assessing sites for tennis courts. Unless your tennis court builder owns and operates all machinery, you are putting the build of the tennis court in the hands of whoever they have assigned to do the earthworks. If this goes wrong, it may cost a lot of money to rectify. It is important to ensure that the person applying the surface to the court is a qualified Waterproofer with the QBCC which gives you protection. It is not enough just to have a licence from a service provider.

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